Consider The Benefits Of Cremation When Pre-Planning Your Funeral

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More people are soon expected to choose cremation over traditional burial. For some people it's about convenience and for others it's about cost. It's an individual choice that people make for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the benefits of choosing cremation as part of your funeral pre-plan.

1. It can be the less expensive option than a traditional full-body funeral.

Depending on the other choices you make, cremation can make your funeral less expensive. Some of the items you won't need when you're cremated include:

  • a casket for your remains
  • a cemetery plot for the casket
  • a concrete vault to hold the casket (if required)
  • embalming and cosmetic restoration

However, you can still partake of all of the various funeral services offered and still be cremated. For example, you can choose to have your body embalmed for a viewing service before you're cremated. You can also have your cremated remains, or cremains, placed in a full-sized casket and buried in a standard cemetery plot. In these cases, cremation does not make the overall funeral process less expensive and actually increases it due to the cost of the cremation.

2. Scheduling the various funeral services becomes easier for your family when you're cremated.

Your family has just a few days after your death to organize your funeral. The funeral home can store your body for a short time before they must prepare it for viewing and burial. This puts pressure on your family to get notices out to everyone and make the proper arrangements. If you have friends and family who must travel far to get to your funeral, it may not be enough notice.

You can choose to have your body cremated shortly after death. Your family then has adequate time to execute your funeral plans and for people from out of town to make the necessary arrangements to get to your service.

3. Cremation offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional burial.

For some people, the draw toward cremation is the smaller impact it can have on the environment, such as:

  • Harsh embalming chemicals are not needed if you are cremated and opt out of having a viewing of the body.
  • An urn for your remains, or scattering your ashes, requires less materials than a traditional sized casket.
  • You'll need less space for a cemetery plot, and none if you choose to have your cremains scattered elsewhere.

4. Transporting your remains when passing away while out of town is easier.

Should you die when away from home, it can be a complex matter to get your body back home to your family. This can be even more challenging if you die while out of the country. Cremation makes this an easier process. You can be cremated where you passed away and your cremains shipped back to your family via a regular delivery service.

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21 January 2016

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