3 Ways Counseling Can Improve Your Mother-Daughter Relationship

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If you are the mother of a teenage or preteen daughter, you may find that your daughter suddenly seems more distant than she was in previous years or you may experience frustration at her choices. As your teenage daughter develops her independence, she may go through a period of rebellion. During these years, professional counseling can help you reconnect with your daughter and build a lasting relationship together. 

Help Your Daughter Find Healthy Ways to Express Herself 

Most teenagers are learning how to express their personality through dress, new interests, and various forms of communication, some of which you may not approve of or understand. A counselor can help you and your daughter agree on appropriate forms of expression. They can also help your daughter figure out what she is trying to express and give her options for alternative modes of expression to explore. 

Help You Understand Your Daughter's Life

It is important that you are able to empathize with your daughter, but if you find it difficult to communicate with her, then you may not be able to understand some aspects of her life. A professional counselor can help you understand the stress and pressure that modern teens experience and help you understand the reasons why your daughter behaves in certain ways. This can help you relate to your daughter more easily, which will allow you both to communicate more freely. 

Give You Positive Communication Skills

The foundation of family relationships is good communication. As a teen, your daughter may be learning deeper levels of communication including active listening, and how to express new emotions that she is feeling. At the same time, you may have developed certain communication styles that are not effective with teenagers. By sitting down with a counselor, you and your daughter can develop your personal communication skills and create a form of communication that works for both of you. You may use your counseling sessions to discuss specific issues in a less threatening environment or you may role-play various types of communication. 

If you have a teenage daughter, your family may benefit by drawing clear, concise boundaries with the assistance of a neutral third party like Blue Spruce Counseling. You may want to use your counseling sessions to create a family contract that outlines expected behavior and clear consequences for everyone in the family. This will help your teenager adjust into her growing adult responsibility and will help you develop trust in her decision making skills. 


19 January 2016

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