Want To Place A Baby For Adoption? What To Know

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If you have recently discovered you're pregnant and you don't think it's the right time in your life to have a baby, explore adoption as a solution. If you think adoption may be the right path for you so you don't have to terminate your pregnancy, you have a variety of options.

There are public service organizations that can help you place the baby, and there are also private routes you can go. Because a newborn baby is often a top choice for those looking to adopt, it shouldn't be a problem finding your future child someone to care for them. Here are things to consider.

Public Adoption

With public adoption, there are going to be records with the adoption, and you may not be able to pick the family that your baby goes to. The public agency may have a list that is first come first serve also. If you think that this may affect how you want you adoption to go, and you want to pick the family that gets to have your baby, you may want to try private adoption instead. You'll have to contact your local public adoption agency to see what their policy is.

Private Adoption

Private adoption gives you the choice to be more selective with whom you choose, but the potential adoptive parents are more selective as well. The private adoption is when you go through a private agency, or when you work with another family directly. The parents may be looking for an adoptive parent with a certain educational background or physical features, and since they are paying to adopt privately they can get what they want.

If you are going through a private adoption it's important to consult with a lawyer to make sure the agency you are working with is fair, and to ensure that you agree with the terms the adoptive parents are setting.

Deciding to give your baby up for adoption is a big decision and a life-changing choice, so it's important to have all the information and to make sure you're 100 percent committed before you agree to give the baby up. Talking with others who have given their baby up for adoption can help you get support and advice from other mothers, and talking with potential parents can help you feel your baby is going to be safe and loved when you're ready to give the baby up. Contact local professionals, such as those from A Child's Dream, for further assistance.


11 January 2016

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